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Robin Hood

  • ROBIN HOOD: BOLD OUTLAW OF BARNSDALE AND SHERWOOD - This is my primary site and features hundreds of pages on the legend of Robin Hood from its medieval beginnings to the modern-day.
  • WOLFSHEAD THROUGH THE AGES - THE HISTORY OF ROBIN HOOD  - This is another section of my site, in case you've missed it. It traces the Robin Hood legend from its medieval beginnings right up to today.
  • RECOMMENDED ROBIN HOOD BOOKS, TV SHOWS AND MOVIES - List of Robin Hood children's books, novels, scholarly books and more with links
  • LEGENDARY LINKS - Here I provide a bunch of links about Robin Hood, medieval history and more. I've included just a small sample of those links before
  • THE ROBIN HOOD PROJECT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER - A website from the centre of much academia. This fantastic resource features the Robin Hood ballads with annotations and introductions by Stephen Knight and Thomas H. Ohlgren. It also has a wide assortment of images, some introductory articles and more.
  • BEN TURNER'S ROBIN HOOD SITE - One of the very oldest Robin Hood sites out there. I remember visiting it before I started mine, and if not for a technical glitch that kept it down when I first started thinking about creating a website, well I might never have started mine. I know he hasn't updated it in ages, but it's an important piece of online Robin Hood history and I'm glad to see it around.
  • ROBIN HOOD SCHOLARS: IARHS ON THE WEB - I am a charter member of the International Association for Robin Hood Scholars, founded in the wake of the 1997 academic conference. After 20 years the organization is still going strong. Find out what they are up to.
  • BULLETIN OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ROBIN HOOD STUDIES - A peer-reviewed digital journal with articles by Stephen Knight and others
  • THE SHERWOOD FOREST TRUST - Robin Hood's greenwood is being destroyed! Check out this site and help save it! The official Sherwood Forest website.

Puck or Robin Goodfellow Links

Journalism Links

Podcasting Links

Medieval History and Literature

  • REED ONLINE / RECORDS OF EARLY ENGLISH DRAMA - Medieval and early modern records of English drama. You can find churchwarden entries for the Robin Hood play-games for example
  • IN THE MIDDLE - A blog run by progressive medievalists
  • TEAMS MEDIEVAL TEXTS - The University of Rochester hosts a variety of special projects and medieval texts
  • THE CAMELOT PROJECT - A companion to the University of Rochester's superb Robin Hood Project, this site collects stories, information and art about King Arthur and his knights.
  • THE CRUSADES PROJECT - Another superb site from the University of Rochester on the Crusades. In 20th and 21st century fiction, Robin Hood is often depicted as a Crusader.
  • THE MIDDLE AGES AT THE BRITISH LIBRARY - Articles on many segments of medieval life and society

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