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Allen W. Wright is an independent scholar who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has an Honours B.A. in English and History from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Journalism from Ryerson University.

In 1997, he created the websites Pook's Hill and Robin Hood: Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood. Allen and his websites have been featured in radio and television documentaries. He also spoke about the Robin Hood legend at several international academic conferences.

In 2001, Allen was featured in the award-winning CBC Radio documentary, IDEAS: Hunting for Robin Hood  He also provided research materials for that production.

He also appeared in the 2004 TV documentary Robin Hood: The First Outlaw Hero (available on Amazon Prime Video in most countries). In 2006, Allen appeared in Jonathan Ross's World of Robin Hood, which aired on the BBC.

His article on 1950s Robin Hood comic books appears in Bandit Territories, edited by Helen Phillips. He also contributed a historical afterward to the 2009 graphic novel Outlaw - The Legend of Robin Hood by Tony Lee and Sam Hart. 

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