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Click here to visit the Blue Boar Inn -- the message board for all Robin Hood discussions.

It's named for Robin Hood's favourite tavern in Howard Pyle's classic novel The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.

We have a lot of discussions on tap.

There is a general discussion forum about all things Robin Hood. Talk about your favourite ballads or your favourite book.

Are you interested in find a real Robin Hood? There's a special Historical Discussions forum just for those looking for the folks behind the folklore.

And if you're a fan of a certain Robin Hood movie or TV show, we have special forums for the 1980s TV series Robin of Sherwood, the 2006-2009 Robin Hood TV series from the BBC/Tiger Aspect, the 2010 Robin Hood movie starring Russell Crowe, and the 2018 Robin Hood film starring Taron Egerton.

Internet debates are often very heated. It's very easy to attack people when you know them as only a few lines of text. Please remember the difference between disagreeing with an idea and insulting a person. There was major off-topic blow-up in the past, but I hope there won't be any major problems in the future.

Oh, and spam is strictly prohibited. If you want to cheat the gullible out of their money, find a longbow and do it the old fashioned way!

Speaking of which, the message board's current hosting service - Tapatalk - has a link up asking for donations. I don't know where that money goes (other than you can apparently get rid of the banner ads), but it doesn't come to me.

If you'd like to thank me for all my work on the website and help cover the costs so I can keep running the place, then follow this link to my personal donation page. Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated.

So, again come join the conversation at the Blue Boar Inn. I'll pour you a metaphorical Brown October Ale. We look forward to hearing from you.

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