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Robin Hood

Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood

Explore the legend

Robin Hood Resources Online
The legendary outlaw has delighted audiences for over 600 years. This site offers original articles, exclusive interviews, ballads and stories, and in-depth reviews.

We have information on everything from the original medieval legend to the newest books, movies and TV shows.

Nearly all the articles are written by Allen W. Wright, an independent scholar from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The site and its creator were featured on the TV documentary Robin Hood: The First Outlaw Hero. This site was established in 1997 and is constantly updated.

Want to know even more facts about Robin Hood?
Here are some articles that may appeal to you.

  • ROBIN HOOD ON MOVIES AND TV  - Did you see the 2018 Robin Hood film? Learn about the history of the legend on film and television
  • BALLADS AND BACKGROUND - A look at the medieval beginnings of the Robin Hood legend
  • ROBIN HOOD FAQ - The answers to your frequently asked questions about Robin Hood include links to further information
  • INTERVIEWS IN SHERWOOD - Updated in July 2019 with several new interviews and new material for older interviews. Hear from Robin Hood scholars, writers and actors about the outlaw legend.
  • RECOMMENDED READING AND VIEWING - A list of children's books, adult fiction, scholarly studies, movies, TV and music. Includes Amazon links
  • JENNIFER ASH / JENNY KANE - Exclusive interview with the author of The Folville Chronicles, Romancing Robin Hood, and Robin of Sherwood audiobooks
  • STEVEN A. McKAY - Exclusive interview with the author of the Forest Lord series
  • NEAL ADAMS - Legendary comic book artist of Green Lantern / Green Arrow
  • THE HIDDEN GROVE - Don't know the username / password? Help support the upkeep of my site and gain access to even more great articles

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